Volunteer roles at Cheshire CCC

Cheshire CCC need your help!

We've a number of volunteer roles and we're looking for your help!

Whether you can assist with general admin, IT, marketing and publicity, social media, fund raising or helping on home match days, we'd love to hear from you.

You'll be part of a small team supporting 1st and 2nd XI activity during the winter planning months and across the summer.

Our first XI play in the National Counties T20 competition, 50 over knock out trophy and three day Western Division Championship. There's a full fixture list for our 2nd XI too who compete in the Northern Counties Competition.

Planning for the 2024 season is underway and as well as ensuring our playing squad have an active training programme, there's plenty to do behind the scenes as we work with the National Cricket Association and grounds across the county to ensure everything's in place.

We're hugely reliant on sponsorship from our generous members and supporters and generating income is a major, ongoing challenge.

Here's some of the areas you may be able to help us with:

  • Marketing   

Can you help run our website? We've a decent site but maintaining it can take it's toll.

Are you proactive when it comes to social media; we've X (Twiter!), YouTube, Instagram and Facebook accouhts to manage. Can you help keep our followers up to date with what's going on on and off the pitch?

We've all sorts of communications to prepare. To members, potential sponsors and more. Are you creative, keen and able to make a difference? Could you help with scorecards?

  • Fund raising

We're relaunching our famous 200 Club - a valuable source of income. There's online work to do, promotions to prepare and a process to input. How you fixed?

We've an ongoing sponsorship programme. Can you help work with our existing supporters and help find new sponsors to support us?

  • Home match day

Much to do. From working with the home club to helping ensure the day runs smoothly, to working with the team and committee to assist with catering requirements, general support and management. Selling scorecards, helping with raffles. There's loads to do!

  • Membership

We need to keep our members informed and up to date. That means keeping our data current and upgrading our systems. Do you have the skills?

  • IT

Some of our systems need a little, er, 'prod'. Want to help?

  • Administration

As with life, there's more admin than you can shake a cricket bat at. How you fixed?

  • What's in it for me?

You may well ask.

Well, we're all volunteers at Cheshire CCC. We do it for the love of the club, the county and the game. So you'll get a warm feeling, a pat on the back and the satisfaction of being involved with one of the leading national counties in the country, backed by the full professionalism of the highly acclaimed Cheshire Cricket Board.

The cricket's pretty good too.

If you think there's something that needs doing at Cheshire CCC, it probably does. Please get in touch for an informal chat in the first instance. Call 07900 975826 or email james.w.law@btinternet.com