Welcome to the new Cheshire CCC website!

Welcome to the new Cheshire CCC website!

14 May 2021

Message from Jim Law, webmaster, Cheshire CCC

We're sorry it's taken so long to get here but we've landed at last.

We've been working on the new Cheshire CCC website for a few months now and we apologise for being 'off air' for a while.

With Covid restrictions and switching sites, it's been a frustrating time but we hope you'll grow to like the new site which will evolve as we get to know each other better and add various new elements. For now though, we thought it important to get up and running even if everything hasn't quite been added yet.

Thank you to David and Derrick

First things first, and time to reflect the outstanding support, maintenance and management - not to mention patience - provided by Derrick Hastings and David Sharp on our previous site and on their support with this transformation. Their knowledge, expertise, flexibilty and passion for all things Cheshire and all things 'Cheshire website' has been more than invaluable and I know they're continue to help as we move ahead.

David's broad CCCB knowledge and Derrick's thirst for stats (and roving camera!) will provide great support.

Aims of the site

We've developed this site in conjunction with the NCCA. The aim is to ideally have similar sites across the 20 national counties, making navigation easier for users as you move between counties and the NCCA's main site.

At Cheshire, we don't want to over-promise but we will be bringing you more information than ever before and added functionality including:

  • Online membership (you'll be able to pay subscriptions online)
  • Online shop (the opportunity to purchase Cheshire products via our shop)
  • Added social media features including additional YouTube and Instagram functionality to go with our Facebook and Twitter accounts

Following our games

We're constantly develping the ways you can follow Cheshire CCC matches including via Twitter links to play-cricket, direct scorecard access and ultimately, via live streaming. We'll keep you posted on these developments.

And of course if there's anything you'd like to see on the website, let us know. You can email me at jim.law@cheshirecc.org.uk

So bear with us as we build... and most importantly, enjoy the cricket.