A message from our Chairman, David Bailey

A message from our Chairman, David Bailey

13 May 2021

We are nearly there after what seems to be an interminable time of stop and start, promises and hopes!

It seems that our first season as a National County cricket team is about to get underway. Sadly we have lost the T20 competition for this year and so our first game will be at Didsbury in the 50 over Trophy match – another new ground for a County match. This follows on from our wish to play at and rotate as many Club grounds as we can.

All dependent on their ability to host. It is a great tribute to all these Clubs that we are season after season playing fixtures at new grounds fulfilling our decision to do so.

The lack of any cricket last season has meant that we are not producing a Yearbook for the simple reason it would have

contained nothing of note!

For the first time we welcome the County Seniors under our umbrella. They are most welcome and we hope that over time they will be able to contribute in some way to the day to day organisation of the County.

We're introducing this new web site which we hope will be well received all round but in particular by the clubs. We feel that it is important that club members are more aware of what we are doing – a failure of ours over the years that we trust will be put right.

Live streaming of our County matches will be gradually introduced as we develop our web site, providing a greater

opportunity to see our players in action. It may mean a slight increase in annual subscriptions but we will meet that when we know more. It certainly raises the opportunity for increased sponsorship/partnerships.

Stay safe and have a wonderful summer – it’s good to be backand in business in our new look competitions and oppositions.

David Bailey - Chairman – May 2021