"Farewell" Elise ... and thank you!

"Farewell" Elise ... and thank you!

23 Aug 2023

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She's an institution.

There's not much that gets by Elise on a Cheshire matchday and it's been a long time.

But time for Elise to take things a little easier now and spend a bit more time on her beloved bowling greens.

Elise has been at the forefront of match management for Cheshire for some years and in all, spent around four decades involved with Cheshire cricket.

A familiar face around the county, Elise has been a great asset to the county club over the years and was honoured at her last game at Banbury during the annual awards night.

She'd earlier presented the Sandy Scrimgeour Trophy - an annual accolde in honour of husband Sandy who was Cheshire Team Manager for many years. Since Sandy's passing Elise has continued to stoically support the Club and had many jobs.

Chairman Jim Law led the plaudits that came from far and wide as Elise played her final innings. She'll now be able to get herself a new bowl as the Club presented her with a number of gifts to send her on her way (with the statutory glass of rose wine).

"Elise has held court at games for many years," said Law, "and we're all miss her. How on earth are we going to ensure catering is arranged, there's spare balls for the umpires and we all know where we're supposed to be. And who's going to make sure the twelfth man gets the player's drinks in!"

For now though, it's time to put her feet up with a wee glass and get that bowl moving!

The Club sends its love and best wishes to Elise and we know of course she'll still be popping up from time to time.

We know too that like us, Sandy will be proud.