Pictured : Cheshire batsman James Duffy will miss this season's MCCA Championship final due to work commitments.
Photo credit David Bailey

By Neil Goulding (Cheshire Press Officer, 07813 859986)

CHESHIRE batsman James Duffy will miss this year's MCCA Championship final against Buckinghamshire, which runs 6-9 September at Slough Cricket Club.

The Hyde left-hander has just started a new job and so work commitments means he won't be available for the final game of the season.

And so Neston all-rounder Chris Finegan has been added to the Cheshire team as they look to win their first Championship title since 2007.

"Duffers has just started a new job at Bramhall High School, he's training to be a teacher and unfortunately he couldn't get the time off for the match," revealed Cheshire skipper Andy Hall.

"It's a real shame because he's a great player and he's done well for this season. We're going to miss him in the field as well, he's probably our best fielder and he's always really enthusiastic and keeps us going.

"He's disappointed of course, but we respect his decision because he's thinking about his career and he's got to look to the future.

"But we've managed to bring Chris in - and he's done well at this level for us. It was good that we could bring somebody in with his experience for the match."

Cheshire did try and get Hyde's Chris Tipper back in the side after he has starred for the county this season, but the Lancashire 2nd XI all-rounder is due to play for the Red Rose county at the same time of the Championship final.

"Chris isn't available and had a worry that Wish [Jason Whittaker] might not be able to get time off work, but he's available for us, so we've only made one change from out last match," added Hall.

"It's a big occasion for the county and all the players are looking forward to the final, including me. We want to give a good account of ourselves and finish the season on a high note."

Cheshire last reached the Championship final in 2007 when they beat Northumberland by an innings and four runs at Jesmond Cricket Club, the only county to win the final with a day and a half to spare.

In 2005 Cheshire shared the title with Suffolk and did the same four years earlier when they shared the title with Lincolnshire.

Cheshire, this season's Western Division winners, also won the title in 1988 and 1985, while Buckinghamshire last won the Championship in 1987.

Bucks, this season's Eastern Division champions, also won the title in 1969, 1952, 1938, 1932, 1925, 1923 and 1922. In 1899 the county shared the title with Northamptonshire.

Cheshire team: David Hurst (Neston), Warren Goodwin (Chester Boughton Hall), Andy Hall (Bramhall, captain), Ben Spendlove (Oulton Park), Nathan Dumelow (Oulton Park), Jason Whittaker (Alderley Edge), Matthew Dawson (Bramhall, wicketkeeper), Daniel Berry (Hyde), Adam Syddall (Bowdon), Rick Moore (Oulton Park), Chris Finegan (Neston). Scorer: Janet Herbert

Championship Roll of Honour (1895-2008)
*Cheshire's success in bold

2008 Berkshire
2007 Cheshire
2006 Devon
2005 Cheshire, Suffolk (shared title)
2004 Bedfordshire, Devon (shared title)
2003 Lincolnshire
2002 Herefordshire, Norfolk (shared title)
2001 Cheshire, Lincolnshire (shared title)
2000 Dorset
1999 Cumberland
1998 Staffordshire
1997 Devon
1996 Devon
1995 Devon
1994 Devon
1993 Staffordshire
1992 Staffordshire
1991 Staffordshire
1990 Hertfordshire
1989 Oxfordshire
1988 Cheshire
1987 Buckinghamshire
1986 Cumberland
1985 Cheshire
1984 Durham
1983 Hertfordshire
1982 Oxfordshire
1981 Durham
1980 Durham
1979 Suffolk
1978 Devon
1977 Suffolk
1976 Durham
1975 Hertfordshire
1974 Oxfordshire
1973 Shropshire
1972 Bedfordshire
1971 Yorkshire II
1970 Bedfordshire
1969 Buckinghamshire
1968 Yorkshire II
1967 Cheshire
1966 Lincolnshire
1965 Somerset II
1964 Lancashire II
1963 Cambridgeshire
1962 Warwickshire II
1961 Somerset II
1960 Lancashire II
1959 Warwickshire II
1958 Yorkshire II
1957 Yorkshire II
1956 Kent II
1955 Surrey II
1954 Surrey II
1953 Berkshire
1952 Buckinghamshire
1951 Kent II
1950 Surrey II
1949 Lancashire II
1948 Lancashire II
1947 Yorkshire II
1946 Suffolk
1940-1945 not contested
1939 Surrey II
1938 Buckinghamshire
1937 Lancashire II
1936 Hertfordshire
1935 Middlesex II
1934 Lancashire II
1933 undecided
1932 Buckinghamshire
1931 Leicestershire II
1930 Durham
1929 Oxfordshire
1928 Berkshire
1927 Staffordshire
1926 Durham
1925 Buckinghamshire
1924 Berkshire
1923 Buckinghamshire
1922 Buckinghamshire
1921 Staffordshire
1920 Staffordshire
1915-1919 not contested
1914 undecided
1913 Norfolk
1912 no winner
1911 Staffordshire
1910 Norfolk
1909 Wiltshire
1908 Staffordshire
1907 Lancashire II
1906 Staffordshire
1905 Norfolk
1904 Northamptonshire
1903 Northamptonshire
1902 Wiltshire
1901 Durham
1900 Durham, Glamorgan, Northamptonshire (shared title)
1899 Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire (shared title)
1898 Worcestershire
1897 Worcestershire
1896 Worcestershire
1895 Durham, Norfolk, Worcestershire (shared title)