Cheshire CCC Development XI Press Release

Following the retirement of Steve Amison and Chris Murphy as Manager and Coach respectively of the Cheshire County Cricket Club Development XI, Cheshire CCC and Cheshire Cricket Board Ltd. are pleased to announce the appointment of Matthew Sharp and Peter Hancock as their replacements.

Pete Hancock, as the new Coach, will be well known to and respected by the players as he has been involved with coaching Cheshire Youth Cricket Teams for many years. Matt Sharp will take on the responsibility for organising the matches and travel arrangements as well as ensuring that the players know when they have been selected.

There will be one major change this season in that the team will have a regular Captain in the person of Ross Dixon, the Oxton CC bowling all-rounder. Ross has had experience of captaining the Lancashire U19 squad and has toured with the Cheshire CCC First XI.

Andy Newton will continue to liaise with the team on behalf of the Cheshire CCC while Richard Newton will fulfil the same role for the Board. The County Board and the County Club jointly fund the running of the team.

Team selection will be in the hands of Pete, Ross and Andy and they are keen to build a team of players dedicated to playing for Cheshire. As the aim of the Development team is to develop the cricketers’ skills with a view to representing the County at a senior level, the players must also have the ambition to play for the First XI.

Ross and Andy regularly play First XI cricket for their Premier League Clubs (Oxton CC and Nantwich CC respectively), they are well placed to evaluate potential candidates for the team. Pete regularly attends matches around the County and will specifically visit grounds in a talent-spotting role.

For further information, please contact Derrick Hastings, Honorary Secretary Cheshire CCC
(e-mail, Tel: 01606 889059).