Warren Goodwin
  Right-handed opening batsmen and fast-medium bowler. Enjoyed a successful spell on Lancashire's staff and is the stand out batsmen of the Cheshire County League. Voted Cheshire batsmen of the season 2013. Always looks aesthetically pleasing - on and off the field. Nicknamed Zeus or Precious.
  Jonny Kettle
  Right-handed opening batsmen and wicket keeper. Constantly maintains high energy levels due to his 'candy' addiction. Uses the summer months as a break from the busy Christmas period, where he acts as Santa's Little Helper aka Buddy the Elf. Is known to break into song or shout "Santa's Coming I know him!!!"
  Rick Moore
  Right-hand top order batsmen and fast-medium bowler. He is, amazingly, one of the younger members of the side despite his rapidly receding hairline. Still trying to get out of the 'friend zone.'
  Danny Berry
  Right-handed batsmen and off spin bowler. Captain of Hyde CC and Cheshire legend. Will soon be travelling to Perth, Australia to star in the opening show of the new Jeremy Kyle series.
  Khalid Sawas
  Right-handed batsmen who has excelled in his first two years of Minor County cricket. His hairstyle suggests he embraces a Rock n Roll lifestyle. Whilst he enjoys the odd lie in, he is a true professional. Khalid is one of the main reasons behind the state of Macclesfield CC's club house.
  Lee Dixon
  Hard hitting left handed batsmen and under used right arm fast bowler. The self acclaimed spokesman of the Cheshire side. Notoriously messy and has dinosaur like features. Nicknamed 'Barney,' a statue in the Dinosaur's in Chester city centre is expected any time soon.
  Andy Clarke
  Very talented right hand batsmen who can bowl both seam and spin when required. Has enjoyed a very successful return to the Cheshire County League following a spell on the MCC Young Cricketers. Having spent time living down south, he may be required as a translator for us Northern Monkeys.
  Jack Williams
  Leg spin bowler and right handed batsmen. The stand out young player in the Cheshire County League, he has been outstanding in his first year of minor counties cricket. Jack is currently studying Maths at Bristol University and is constantly questioning his team -mates with Mathematical riddles. Has aspirations to become Carol Vorderman.
  Scott Kirwin
  Left arm fast bowler and destructive left handed batsmen. Despite being a Manchester United fan has fitted in brilliantly to the side. Scott drinks like a fish which is probably why his hero is George Best.
  Adam Syddall
  Left arm fast bowter and aggressive right handed batsmen. Having played for every club and county in EngLand it is no surprise Adam is an ex Cambridgeshire player. Adam has enjoyed a very successful season and has done well to balance his Cheshire 1st team commitments with his role as a senior player in the over 50's side. Off the field Adam is the night captain, please beware of the white belt!
  Danny Woods
  Cheshire interim captain in the style of Rafa Benitez at Chelsea. Is struggling to win the fans over due to his controversial move to the Yorkshire League. Will soon be travelling to Australia where he will be busily working to 'harpoon' beach whales.
  Calum Rowe
  Right handed batsmen. The unlikeliest Alderley Edge player you could ever meet. Calum has had another successful season and we look forward to him representing us in court once he passes his law degree at Nottingham University