What a difference a day (and a lot of hard work) makes
By Derrick Hastings (Hon. Secretary, Cheshire C.C.C.)

Brian Wareing, Head Groundsman at Christleton C.C. was almost in despair when he saw the state of the ground on Sunday evening following the full day of incessant heavy rain.

"In the photograph on the left the sheet is covering the Cheshire wicket and the wickets each side," he said.

"At the time, I was not sure what I would find under it on the Monday morning but I was still hoping to be able to cut the strip."

The mobile covers were covering the next Saturday's League Match wicket but water had run under those.

Hoping for some dry weather, he was determined to do his best to produce a good wicket for the match on Sunday

"The Cheshire track is usually the best drying wicket at Christleton, so I was sure that I could produce a wicket worthy of a County Club game," he added.

The next morning he found that the sheet had done a good job and he was then sure that he would have a good wicket if there was not another deluge.

"I had been using a blowdry since 8.30 on Monday morning and had extra help in the afternoon. You can see the results of all the efforts in the photograph on the right," he said, delighted with the way things had turned out.

Photographs courtesy of Ann Wareing